Friday, January 14, 2011

Pick The Winner

How do you pick a winner whether it is an online opportunity, a fund or a stock?

You can pick a winner out from your experience as an online marketer.You have learnt what kind of opportunities that work and what doesn´t work.It isn´t only a "gutfeeling", it is experience and market analysis.Some claim that they can pick a winner every time but I don´t believe that.It isn´t that simple for anyone but with growing experience the potential increases.

When ad2million launched  I knew it was a winner cause they have almost exactly the same script as the excellent predecessor 10dollarswonder.The surfteam at trafficera where I am the leader have still got that name.

The most funds and stocks have been in business for many years but still, even there you have to do your marketing 
analysis to pick the winners.

You should know that in a time when more nations recover from their bad financies to more stability, then the value of gold will go down instead.The experts say that gold is a secure investment during crisis but you should immediately sell before the value starts to fall.I use to recommend a diversified portfolio concerning advertising companies where you buy advertising positions, packages or if there are funds or stocks.
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I would say that success in online business overall has rather little to do with "gutfeeling" but much more to do with real education.

Therefore, with better education and experience amongst investors, online marketers or both, we should see more maturity and more long lasting opportunities as well. 

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