Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your need for information

What do you believe will become the internet ten years from now?

Will it look the same? Can you imagine it being replaced by a new better system to which we only need to upgrade the whole current system? Will they be able to improve safety software?

There are a lot of questions that appear in the mind when one starts to imagine what it may become.Some fanatical people are always predicting the disaster but it is as always depending on how you and I are using it.As of today there are enough good forces to develop the internet in a way that you and I should be satisfied with if we are using it wisely.The problems occur when users and hackers are misusing it to destroy for others and here is the real danger.

The internet is a free media which somewhat strenghtens the democracy but in the hands of bad people it becomes a danger for the average surfer who maybe not even has enough protection.

So, it is crucial for you and me to always stay updated on the latest development.Both concerning safety software but also the technological improvements so we know how to get the updates that we need.

Here is an interesting question.

You should only get the software you need not only for your friend has told you so but for the reason that you need it.Any software or opportunity should fill a specific need in your life.
Do you need all the information that come in your way? It should fill a need that you or other friends have.That should be your conclusion. 


hwidman said...

I think the internet will always "look" the same but content may be restricted in the future if it become government regulated.


Mattias Kroon said...

Yes hvidman but that would not be so good.I prefer freedom with responsibility as a user.

Transmission Line Tower said...

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Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Transmission Line Tower!

I am blogging for readers like you that have got the positive attitude!