Sunday, February 27, 2011

Around 5%

Has this changed? Are there more than 5% who succeed in the internet business?

If you mature in this business, if you are developing what you are doing in this business, then it´s up to you.I have seen that many networkers still believe that they will achieve the big results "overnight" in this world of online business.Around 95% of all marketers online fail and if you want to succeed you have to learn more, that´s it! And it won´t happen overnight.

I know your frustration, I know your anxiety over poor results but you have to give it time.Take your time to read through that courses or whatever, take your time to learn the skills from the ground.

There are no shortcuts.I get good response on my blog and have heard that many are learning a lot from it.This makes me glad in my heart.Take your business to the next level with joy and passion.Don´t think that everyone will like what you are doing, but hopefully the most.Expect to be treated like an equal of the most serious networkers and good people cause that is significant for the best marketers online.

Be a part of turning this huge percent of failure amongst online marketers to a win-win reality instead.Register for the most potential opportunities that you can find after your real research. 
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Do you agree on that we should see more than 5% succeeding in this business overall?

Keep the positive thinking!

Have the best week! 

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