Saturday, February 5, 2011

Basic Principals

Some people are thinking and will always think that it´s questionable to make money online and that there always will be winners and losers.
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You are absolutely right.There will always be winners and losers in the business world overall but the more fair you can get an opportunity to be, the better.The more newbies you can help along the way, the better.That is one of my goals when I am blogging to share of my experiences so other business people online can learn more and get quality education through my writings whether it comes to shares in advertising companies, fundshares or other investments.

We are in this online business to make money right? Then it isn´t ugly to get paid when you have put in of your own money in a program.

Then it is another angle of this, namely to create a win-win and repurchase/reinvest and pay it forward so others can be blessed of what you are doing with your money.

How do you handle this?

Compare it with business offline.When you are paying for a product or service you expect it to work and if it´s not, you start to complain.If you get the quality you should for your money, then you are satisfied and glad.

This is not all!

If you are helping others understand a program or system, which you have to, then we have a fair situation where the outcome should be a win-win.This is the basic principals for any business whether it is on or offline.When we have reached the maturity for that in the online business, then we should see more of long term opportunities as well, if their design is enough and if their founders are enough good people.

Have a nice weekend! 


Mary said...

Mattias, great article! And words of wisdom:) I know so many mothers that work at the school and ask me what can they do over the summer to make up for their loss of income. I guess they ask me because they know I have a home business (medical billing). I used to search the internet and get tons of emails of get-rich-quick schemes, none of which work and most are asking for money up front. Basic scam ideas. One day I got frustrated and searched the internet for 'legitimate ways to make money on the internet'. What came up was an article written by a guy that was totally neutral. The first thing that was listed was 'blogging'. Of course, I hadn't really paid much attention to blogs in the past so I started researching blogs and what is involved with writing one. They make it sound really easy...just develop a blog and write a post!
Well, I started a blog about a year ago. We then had to move and I wasn't really active with it until Nov 2010. Since then, I have found out that yes, starting a blog is free, but it's not necessarily 'just post an article and your done' kind of thing. Like anything else, you have to provide articles that people will be interested in and you have to promote it. It takes time to research a topic that you are writing about, and it takes hours of networking with people to promote it. In 3 mths. I have worked hard and have met wonderful people that have wonderful blogs! I love what I do, and it's hard to stay away to get work done in my other business. Am I making money? Some. Definitely not enough to carry the bills. But then again, things don't happen overnight. It takes time to develop yourself on line which is no different then off line. Marketing yourself and what you offer is the key:)

Mattias Kroon said...

Interesting Mary!

You are on the right path and you have seen that it requires time and effort.As you seems to have a passion for it, it will be a pleasure for you to develop your blog as the efficient platform for your home based business.