Friday, February 25, 2011

Calm Down

I remember those days in the online business when one had to fill a large matrix to be able to earn a significant income online at all.
Now, has this changed since then?

Pretty many networkers have realized that better models and designs of programs than the typical old MLM-structures have been invented since then but it is always a challenge to create the more long term opportunities.

Then how could you make a program sustainable?

Not so easy at the first sight.When the founder brings the experience with him he knows what kind of design that works and not.A sustainable opportunity today should have several options to earn without being forced to sponsor referrals.Yet they use to give you a bonus in form of reasonable commissions if you sponsor other networkers to it.With several options in it, products to buy and other income streams the design has the potential to be online for a longer time than many others.
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As I have combined my portfolio with fundshares I have a more unstressed business where I don´t have to bring in referrals but if I do there is as mentioned a bonus in form of affiliate commissions anyway.

Now compare the unstressed business with the distressed? It is easy to see that here is the development in the internet business, to create opportunities where the design entices the clarity in you to pick the promising fields where you can get in profit.Calm down, let the growth come in a smooth way..... 


Paul S said...

I've just noticed you've reached 600 followers and you're still going strong.
Congratulations and have a great weekend my friend.

Mattias Kroon said...

I am glad for the comment Paul!