Friday, February 4, 2011


When you are stuck on new ideas then try to see things in new angles, try to see things in another view you have never done before.

Are you repeating yourself too often? Does it sound too stereotype? 

The echo hears you....the walls have ears.

Feed the curiosity people have.What do they like to read? Don´t be afraid to show some courage though.You can be pretty brave and still have love in your words.Brave people are good people and they are changing the world if they have common sense at the same time.
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Feed your own curiosity and give some time for research and education in your area of interests.Webucation, will it grow in a time like this? I believe it will.We humans always have a need of more knowledge to be able to share more with others.We want to show others that we know something more, we want to discuss and we want to be social.

This is basic needs that we have and always will.Connect with bloggers and networkers and you will find a good way to reach out. 

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mary said...

curiosity is a good way to find sth new!it is also exciting.when you find the one you want, you feel like receving a gift.:)