Friday, February 18, 2011

No Fear

I saw a you tube-video about loving ourselves.A blogger posted it on the wall in our group,

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This is indeed an important message which set us free.Love your neighbour as yourself.This is true and we have to be satisfied with ourselves to be able to love or like other people.
We see far too much of hate and violence in our world so every kind word of another one should effect us to the better.

When someone tries to harm you, do you react then? We are humans and I am reacting sometimes and get upset but then I calm down myself knowing that other people who try to harm me will bear the burden of it and get into trouble.
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Though I have many friends online I have to say, every networker isn´t exactly an angel.The most honest and kind networkers are very pleasant to communicate with though and this is the best part of the world online, to find true friends who are participating in the discussions and who also have a sense of humour.

It is always fear which causes problems so get rid of that in your life and the worries you have.Fear doesn´t solve a thing, it drives your senses into captivity and you need freedom for your thoughts.

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mary said...

you know what? this is one of your best posts.and I loved it so much!this kind of posts make me feel better when I am you are right coz we must believe in God.then we can get rid of our fears.coz we can see the real happiness!thanks a lot again!:)