Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Reasonable Level

The stockmarket is down in Europe right now and we have to see more of recovery in the european countries.

Several experts tried to predict a good year on the stockmarket for this year but soon they realised that they might have had too high expectations.When they will bring down the expectations to a sound and reasonable level we should see a more stable market than now anyway where decisions are made on a reasonable level.
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Some fund and stockbrokers are more long term in their decisions than others but that is the way, at least for me.This is going up and down and risks are involved.Although I keep the risk on a reasonable level and not higher than that.I always strive for a diversified portfolio whether it is business opportunities or my fundshares.

I would think that the term "ethical investments" will be discussed all around the world amongst both shareholders, fund and stockbrokers.Make some decisions on the short term but keep the sight on the long term perspective.

I am way in profit with ad2million.If you haven´t joined that excellent combined advertising company/investment program, you definitely should.There are many benefits with joining a program where you can start with as little as 10 dollars and it´s not one of the typical high risk investments either.

This is typical for online business.I made real good profit on my shares in Dec.2010 but in the beginning of this year until now it has been down of several reasons.One reason is the lack of discussions around the theme of ethical investments in the market as a whole.This is a pretty strange scenario as the swedish economy is going strong right now.Well, the value of the shares has to go up again sooner or later.


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