Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still Some Gold

In a shaky economy they say that gold use to be a safe investment.
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We often see that the beginning of every year is especially shaky in the economical perspective and this year was no exception.It will take further time for U.S to recover step by step.Be careful with your investments and have some shares of gold in your portfolio besides other recommendable shares in different low and middle risk funds if you have less experience.Do invest in funds with higher risks only if you have more experience.

Gold has always been and is a good investment during financial crisis.Gold and silver coins are good investments during good times as well.

I would believe that the economical experts are learning more during hard times than during good times.We will always need to bring the wisdom with us to avoid the traps that many nations have fallen for in this time.We as humans always need to learn of different mistakes to make the right moves in the next chessgame.

You have a choice, both in the business world and in life in general to chose to be generous and not greedy, to help people and not despice them, to tell them your advises and not mislead them and to set up the win-win.

Are you satisfied with the time you are living in or are you afraid? Find your place in a time like this and you will do good to others.Find your space to breathe, search the creative solutions.

Don´t miss out what the life will give you friend! Be there, on the right place, saying the right things to the right people.   


Razan said...

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Anonymous said...

Great info Razan, thanks.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Razan but I am not exactly "starting up" my business right now as I have done that a long time ago.Try to connect with the topic a little more please.