Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisdom From The Old School

The High Five got nice results of what I have seen and I have recieved good feedback on that from one of my admins.

That is a possibility for exposure in our group on Facebook
Get Your Blog Followers.

We are recognizing the five latest bloggers on our wall and I give them exposure in a message to all the members.If you want to be seen there you should be active within our group.
Are you recieving the results you want when you are blogging? The results will come step by step.Of course, you need to be active all the time.Diversify, not only your portfolio but also your marketing efforts so your sites and your blog can be seen both here and there.

Your quality content will be crucial if your sites will be seen or not in the search engines.Did you need any repetition in the old days school? Would it still be relevant with some brainstorming repetition so it can sink into your system? 
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We also need sound variation in what we are writing about but we need the blogging truths to sink in.

If you want to make money online you should know what kind of products and services that sells and not.I have found that advertising products, other information products and investments work out the best online.

Take music, for example.One can easily listen to all the music you want on You Tube today.The future for musicians should be live concerts combined with information products of what they are up to next and their showschedules online.

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My friend, don´t forget to stay tuned for the next High Five in

Get Your Blog Followers!


Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I love the high five idea - thanks for another wonderful way to help each other.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you Sally!

As I have got good response also from Chip I know that it´s well worth to continue with this idea.

Again, thank you!

mary said...

well I love it too but I have no time for writing my blog to fb wall.but if you want to be famous your idea is the best one!:)

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you Mary!

Every networker online needs to be seen to reach out on the net.It´s about branding yourself.