Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Building For The Future

Do you get your followers to your blog? Are you recieving the results you want?

It is often a question of being honest.To create numbers that aren´t there yet for you won´t help you.Be honest and real.How much traffic do you have to your blog? Set up the counter in the right column and watch your traffic from day to day.

But do you get any comments?

What is your main goal with what you are blogging about? Is it more comments? Your way to get more traffic is definitely to invite bloggers to exchange links and become their followers.By this you can reach your other goals which could be to reach out to your customers, reach out with your poetry or share your interest for photography with likeminded.

The technique is more traffic, there are no shortcuts here.

Show your gratitude towards others.Get rid of your frustration and anger.We can all be upset from time to time but the positive attitude is preferable.Maybe you need to be creative here and find other ways to reach out? The internet is a media with a high speed of development so it is much a question of being updated and take in the information needed for the area where you are active.However, don´t be distressed but take in the information you need and follow the sound advises.
City Pictures, Images and Photos

Every day is a new day and you should have a vision of possibilities for the days to come. 


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Paul S said...

This is a really inspiring post and you're right about having a positive attitude Mattias, anger and negativity never do any good.
I hope some of the newer bloggers will listen and learn from your advice.
Have a good day my friend.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Paul!

I am glad it inspired you, that´s my challenge, hehe.