Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dealing With Hackers

We know it, they are there sneaking around like the snake in the grass.....


Awful criminals and predators are their neighbours.

Any opportunity that is successful like ad2million has to protect against them and against DDOS attacks, of course.I got paid for the 19:th time from Carrie who is the excellent admin in this program.

Here, from their updates:

Withdraw: Due to many hacker issues, your withdraw will not be processed until you have added your first Alertpay purchase reference number to our system and matched.
Click here to add your first Alertpay purchase reference number.
Due to this important verification process, withdrawals may be processed slower than we used to.

Our membership has steadily grown to over 10,000.So has the growth of hackers, spammers, cheaters and trouble makers. To protect your money sent correctly, each withdraw must be verified through a series of checking point processes. It is a very time consuming process. Please only submit a support ticket, if your witdrawal has not been processed within 5 working days after the estimated processing time. The new processing time is then posted to the members withdrawal status.

Support tickets: Due to the large amount of unnecessary support tickets, We are unable to catch up and have decided to empty all tickets. Please re-submit your support tickets only if your issue has not been resolved. We will answer your support ticket within 2 to 5 days depending on the priority. Every support ticket will be answered.

If you need to change Alertpay email info, you must submit a support ticket along with your first Alertpay purchase reference number and new Alertpay email address.

Hackers are there trying to destroy for you and you have to change password from time to time, you have to be aware of this threat all the time.

Experts are constantly trying to improve the security to deal with this problem efficient.Read this article about Whydowork´s battle with hackers.

Recently the gmail of a blogger friend of mine was hacked and misused trying to decieve me to buy from a fraud site.Hard to know, but I didn´t bought anything.I contacted my friend and the truth was revealed.I am too experienced today to fall for their tricks but also aware of that they are always trying new criminal tricks all the time.

So, get security tips, educate yourself to disclose phishing tricks, different fraud and spams.Protect your children from predators and have a sound awareness in your surfing habits.  

Here is the link to The Internet Crime Complaint Center!  


Mary said...

My daughter fell prey to an internet predator. It was a very serious situation (she was only 12 at the time) and the FBI became involved. It is so easy for them and happens way too often!

Mattias Kroon said...

That is true Mary and we have to create networks like GYBF, for example where kids are safe from them.