Saturday, March 5, 2011

Generosity Of Spirit

I am a christian but I don´t want to mix my business with religion.However, from time to time I need to mention how my faith have certain effects on my business as the ethical approach to it.

How many honest networkers do you meet when you are online?
In my point of view there is a constant need of honest networkers.You don´t only need to learn the skills in this business but you also need to develop the ethical part of your business when you are interacting with other associates online.I always include that part in my research of good and sustainable opportunities.
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How do you feel for the word ethical?

Have you got good associations for that word? You need to renew your own thinking so you can have a sound feeling for good words and expressions.I don´t believe in the new age approach to positive thinking.My christian faith gives me the strength I need to think in a positive way.So, bye bye vain and welcome righteousness.Goodbye 
greediness and welcome generosity! 

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