Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go Invest!

The Stockholm Exchange Market has brought in the losses from the beginning of this year and now are my fundshares on their way up.I am in profit now with 600 dollars on my shares and I will let them continue to grow now.

Goldmann&Sachs has predicted a 30% growth on the Stockholm Exchange Market for this year.

To save and invest in fundshares is the perfect solution for anyone who have at least some time to be updated on the market´s ups and downs to be sure to invest in the right funds and to have the timing to sell or trade in the right time.
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Don´t waste your money in bad funds but chose the funds with the best quality out from Morningstar´s system.This is not the only key to the profit but it´s one crucial key.Do you read on the fundcompanies homepages? Well, you should, to be sure you are investing in companies that have a profitable future and if you have the ethics in your sight at the same time, that´s a win-win, eh?

Combine this with education on sites like Fidelity Investments. 

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