Monday, March 21, 2011

Leave The Stranger Mentality

To get somewhere in the world of blogging and in the internet business overall requires not only smart but hard work as well.

I haven´t recieved a single comment here for a long time but I know I have good response on my work.The latest time I have sponsored several members and have recieved several sign ups in several opportunities where I am an affiliate.I have many regular readers all the time.The number of comments aren´t crucial, sometimes the truth is the opposite of this.

In fact, I am on my way into something better than ever before in my business overall and in the end of the last week, the stockmarket went up a bit.The other opportunities are doing very fine too.

If you are having a too narrow perspective you have hard to learn anything from those bloggers who are writing about interests that are lying a bit "outside" of your area of interest.Of course, we aren´t interested in every area but don´t get too "specialized" but show your gratitude towards others who want to help you in your efforts.

A trend in the world of blogging right now is photos.I won´t leave my topics of business, yet I love to include interesting graphics on my blog here,  
Trends Pictures, Images and Photos

What trends do you see now? Sure, you can´t leave your favorite topics, but you can be somewhat more "broad" in your thinking when you are getting nearer "the aliens" that you aren´t communicating with yet.

You have to leave that "stranger mentality" when you are approaching other networkers online.


Bob Scotney said...

I'm into the photo trend. The image you have here tells me it's time to respond. Keep up the good work, Mattias

Paul S said...

I'm one of the followers who reads and enjoys all your posts Mattias and I think your graphics are great.
There are a lot of selfish people in the blogging world but you are an exception and rest assured I appreciate all the hard work and support you give to people on here and on the GYBF group.
Have a good week.

Mattias Kroon said...

That was a good respond Bob and I love your posts, you know it:)

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Paul!

You are one of my best followers and therefore I am following your blog as well.Your posts gives me huge inspiration, for sure!