Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Planet

Do you believe in positive words and expressions? Do you believe that they can change you and situations?

Around this situation in Japan now there is much of psychology now and questions on how much this will effect the rest of the world economically.Of course it will, for a while, but then it is a question of psychology how much people let it have a deeper impact.Here in Sweden the old debate on nuclear power or not as an energy source has begun again.On the other side, how could anyone predict a scenario like this?

 Even through this situation we have to believe in building a future in a normal society but from what we have seen, this "normal" status has become something else.

We have to face the great challenge of investing in different environment products and scientists have to do their research to develop alternative fuel in our society.Greediness has to stand back and unselfish motives have to step forward.Dare to think in this way and we should be able to change the environment situation in more nations.
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This is the great challenge, to take the right direction for the sake of our planet!

Be involved, discuss it over a coffee with caring friends and take this discussion to the next level where we show enough responsibility towards our planet earth.Who knows, you may be rewarded for it?  

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