Friday, April 8, 2011

Food For The Soul

Get your food for the soul!

Let it be a wonderful person you have met during the day, let it be the interesting conversation at your office.When you were having your cup of coffee with your neighbour, did you get the idea for your life?
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When you were out shopping, did you meet the person that changed your life? The most surprising things can happen when you least expect it and it can be your food for thoughts.
Try to see the small moments as the metarmorphos which draw up new lines in your life.

When internet as the media came the most of us understood that this will change our lives but there was that resisting thoughts that has hard to change even if we knew that this media is the revolution....

Integration to a new society of information came....

Food for the imagination is also good.

If you are an artist, if you are the poet you need inner pictures for the art you are creating.You need colored food to create your images and convey them to your audience without confusion.Strive for clarity!

And where is the food for the weekend?

It is here and now, it is besides you and it is inspiring you when you are opened for it.Get your creativity for the weekend! Be opened for new perspectives in life!    

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