Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Poem For The Living Ones

Here, a poem for the people who appreciate the life itself:
vivid Pictures, Images and Photos

Convey the vivid touch

You can feel it, you can see it
It is besides you, it will touch you
Your comfort is to take it with you
It tastes as good as the former fruit

Convey it without doubt
Make your impression to the next day
If you want to affect the audience
Let it first be in your own sense

Kind of a wind that is humble
Kind of a mountain that is firm and strong
Are you looking for the optimal clarity?
Then make the end for your soul´s poverty

The vivid touch of the ones in timing
In timing with the folks who cares about you
You should be the hero, you would make a difference
Don´t hide, show your face over the fence

We are here to embrace the parade of stars
For the ones in need, from the touch of an angel
Convey the vivid move, let it touch you to tears
Finally you could feel the freedom, you got rid of the fears


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