Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What did you do to improve?

If you want to change things to the better in your life you always have to change your own thinking somewhere.

Talking about business you should stick to a system that works but at a certain point you may need to improve something there.

Be flexible!

Generally  in life you are stuck when you think you know everything about something.
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A scientist works with his researches to find out something that is a help for the development in his area of researches or what else would the motive be? Only exposure for him? No, he should have the motive to help people.An investor should have the motive to create a win-win, to invest for helping others and not to be greedy but generous.

You are always helped by a generous attitude in a given situation.If you have to chose in a given situation between the greedy, distressed alternative and the more long term generous alternative, chose the second alternative.

There are no shortcuts!

This is not always easy, you have to work on your character.

There is a sayin in swedish which is very amusing but yet so true:
"one can´t see the forest because all the trees"(!)
What about that!? This is very true, especially in online business.A newbie who wants to learn everything to speed up their income is using all the tools at the same time and believe that that kind of strategy would be sufficient to achieve their goals.Well, we need the tools but we need the right tools.Creativity, the personal touch and some variation in what we do to achieve the results that we have a desire for.

This is also typical for an author of articles.She wonders why she isn´t reaching out but  yet, suddenly there she has got the personal touch, the more attractive way to reach her audience.

Oooooppssss, where came the results from, what did you do to improve? Figure it out and continue in that way.......  

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