Monday, April 18, 2011

A Win-Win

It is a truth both in on and offline business, the true win-win situation.
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When you get excited about your activities in your downline, you can talk about the win-win situation.This is true in programs that have a design like Just Been Paid.

Scroll down amongst my posts to read the description on the JSS-Tripler.I would recommend you to join the JSS-Tripler.This has a 2% growth on every position you are buying.I have described the benefits you get for different purchases in your downline in a former post and the same is a truth for your referrals when their referrals are buying positions.

A design like this makes this opportunity sustainable and if you want to make good money in the internet business you have to look for the long lasting, sustainable programs, this can´t be mentioned too much!

Carrie at Ad2million  is doing a great job and I have been paid 20 times and am way in profit.Now she has help from Don helping her to answer support tickets.No wonder, with a member base of 16736 now.My total commissions are 979 dollars.

These two systems are true win-win systems and you just can´t lose if you use them properly!

As always when it comes to internet business, knowledge means profit combined with a common sense, of course.Remember the saying:"If you help others to acieve what they want,  you will recieve what you need".Invest in your necessary knowledge about what you are working with and you will eventually see the results of your efforts!


zedrec said...

Why don't you start by getting a real domain ??

Mattias Kroon said...

Start? Hmmm, I have run my blog for long now and I have a domain on another site, a presentation site of what I doing.Please show a little more respect next time.

Nilofer said...

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