Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working Systems

How should you work out your own system in the internet business? Should you copy and paste what the experienced marketers are using? Is it that simple?

Yes and no.

Yes, you should listen to what experienced online marketers are telling you to use to get success online.But you should also come up with own ideas to spread your marketing in a legal way.You have to be reasonable in your promises and don´t guarantee a certain ROI which the program can´t deliver, only promise what you can deliver.So, as long as you have good examples to follow, then you can learn a lot, but if the "gurus" are leading you astray you have to listen to your "gutfeeling" and follow your good ethics.
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What works for you as a person?

Not necessary what works for your blogger friend, he may be a recruiting expert and you may be good to write articles instead and should find opportunities that suits you better.We aren´t  any clones of each other.What kind of products and services are you passionate about? As I mentioned, the answer to the initial question is yes and no.You do have to have a mentor, but you can´t follow such a leader in a blind way, you always have to think yourself.

I have chosen to work out my own system even if I have listened to good advises along the way.Through experience have I seen that I had to include fundshares in my portfolio.
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If you are studying the planetary system you have learnt that everything that is going around, is built up as a real working system!

There are those who don´t work in the same way, to combine marketing different opportunities online with investing in stocks and funds, for example.I am marketing what I am an affiliate for, I write about different investments and have told you about Morningstar  
as the rankingsystem to chose the funds to invest in.


Donna Meyer said...

Thanks for the excellent advice. New marketers tend to follow word for word the advice of others and then they quit because of lack of results. Following is good but it also needs your personal touch.

Donna Meyer

Skype: dgm47dgm

Mattias Kroon said...

Absolutely Donna!

That is exactly what I mean.