Sunday, May 15, 2011

Enlighten your life

When you get a moment in life to think a while about what you are achieving, are you satisfied then?

It´s so easy in this kind of society to run with the wind, to be distressed and never get the moment for some meditation that you know you need and make some pauses.It is very satisfying to reach different goals as a business man, it is a pleasure to break the obstacles to the ground and reach the light at the end of the tunnel again.
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That is the situation for every human being, nothing is too easy, we have to overcome and win again, making straight way not to walk the curved way more.

When you are in the new situation after some more difficult passages you feel comfortable with the new level in your life where more of the pieces in the puzzle have found their places.

Then you may feel distressed trying to keep the new level but if you let the natural, developing process work in your life you will succeed in maintaining the new level.If you are improving day to day like this in your life you will see that this kind of wisdom will help you to see new perspectives as well.

Never let fear get a grip on you, maintain the control in your life!   


Gord said...

Hi Mattias,

Interesting article. I take
great joy and pride in acheiving
short term goals but never
satisfied in that as I always
have long term goals in mind
as well.

Guess... I'll never be a person
who thinks.."That's it... I'm done."


Mattias Kroon said...

You are smart in my point of view Gord!
Even if one must have the long term goals there can be some "short term boosts" from time to time as well.

plumwalk2 said...

I hear you Gord. Sometimes I feel pulled in so many different directions that I turn off my phone and don't answer my door. I call this my time out from the BS. There is so much out there and we must chip away at it a little at a time in our own way. Peace be with you.

Bhavna said...

BREAK THE OBSTACLES...very true. Its quite necessary to increase our chances of survival in this competitive world...thanks for sharing Just felt a little motivated

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Bhavna!

You seems motivated as you are doing a great job in the group to help me.I haven´t had this help before.Now we will have to make it grow again:)