Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Priority

Often we want to point out only good things  in life but it isn´t that simple.I have to say that on the business front my business works better than ever but when it comes to the bloggroup on Facebook
the number of members are going back right now.

How can this be? What am I doing wrong?
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Here I want to describe something that is a paradox online.Of course we want growth on different sites and networks but as a business man I have seen that it is very easy to be stuck in the "free member-thinking" too much.If you are giving out everything for free online, you won´t make a dime.You have to put in of your own money to make money.Yet I want growth in the membership base but most of all, I appreciate active members.Every blogger isn´t doing business online but is blogging about their ideas or interests and that´s is absolutely ok.

Why this?

I am the kind of marketer who is doing targeted marketing.You will achieve the best results with that kind of targeted marketing.

To run a successful business will require the right priority of you.You haven´t the time for those who only complain about everything when you know you are doing the right thing.You have to focus on those who want to support you instead.

Be open for constructive criticism but close the door for destructive criticism.People who are doing that are feeling bad themselves, have nothing to do with them.


Karen said...
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Sarah Butland said...

Very true Mattias. Just always remember that with using other social networking sites our numbers can drop simply because of fine-tuning the site is doing. It's not a reflection of us but a growing period we bear with.

Membership will rise and so will our followers. :)

Mattias Kroon said...

You are right Sarah, that could be the situation.I am holding on to my vision in faith.This has been fun and still is:)