Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stable Funds

There is a definite reason I am investing in fundshares as they are more stable to invest in despite the worries in this time.
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I haven´t found one single opportunity online which use to last longer than the average fund.

What is the main benefit with funds?

It is more safe.Even if I have found a way to get in profit with some opportunities I have other experiences with me that have occured in the past.

1.Selective payments amongst admins.
2.Lack of listening on what members are saying about their programs.
3.Some don´t care to deliver what they are promising.
4.Plain fraud from the beginning despite the professional look and layout.
5.Dishonest admins who are hard to get in contact with.

The most networkers have got another job in the physical world besides their online works.They often hear that they should hate their jobs in the physical world and get rid of it as soon as possible.Don´t do this too fast and don´t hate your job! Proceed to a fulltime online work only if you have the cover to do that! Not everyone will become a fulltime networker.

This list could be even longer and I can´t blog about it every time but it is necessary to be mentioned as you never will earn the better money in these kind of "cheap" programs.
Therefore I am doing my careful research on the program and the admins.This is not so easy every time and there are no "perfect" opportunity but fortunately those which are more long lasting than others.

But you told me about staying positive?

Of course.However, it is also my duty to tell you about the traps and snares out there and the manipulation amongst those who want to fool you.If you want to make the, and here me now,   decent money,  you have to check out what is legal.The opportunity where you are investing, have to be connected to a clear product or service.

The biggest part of my business and where I am making the best profit are my fundshares.I am recommending you to read on  Morningstar´s homepage to educate yourself on how to invest in funds or stocks.Some networkers say that stocks are always better than funds but they are wrong.Funds are more long term and more safe.You can earn very good profit on fundshares as well.


I got paid today again in the long term GrandBankClub and you should really consider this excellent, combined boardgame and profitsharing program which also has an advertising portal.Gord, the founder and admin is one of my best friends online and he is very honest I can tell you.Scroll down amongst my posts to read more about: 

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