Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ethical Investments

The market is down again and even if they partly have a solution on the problems in Greece now the market yet went down.

Then what is this?

Worries again, those endless worries...

Truth to be told we are in times were fund companies have to renew some of their thinking.What could be developed amongst them? More long term thinking I would believe.The skills to predict a growth in a certain area at an earlier stage than others would give the best fund companies an advantage.

This is the truth amongst the best stock investors but when it comes to funds they are often investing in several other companies.

What about the skills to predict a pretty new company´s growth at an early stage before others are doing the same?
That would give a fund company an advantage again.

What about hanging on with investments in environmental products to make the life better for poor people so they don´t have to live in their own dirt in miserable suburban areas all of their lives?
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Here lies the big challenge for many funds to hang on with investments in an ethical way to make the life better for more people and to invest more in environmental products overall. 

Many economists still believe in investing in gold and silver as the times still are "shaky".I have followed those advises and have investested in funds which have a lot of investments in gold corporations.The shares in those funds went up today.There are economists who believe in a raise of the gold value to around 4-5000 dollars per ounce.The recovery of the economy in U.S will have to continue for a long time. 

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