Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funds and affiliate marketing?

At once when I had written about funds and their benefits some posts ago the market went down again.This is so typical for the market.

The recovery takes time and the big challenge is to find those funds and stocks which aren´t that dependant of what happens in different corners of the world.Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a scenario like that but I would think that fund companies sometimes need to be more flexible in their thinking and change investments.Not to lose the long term perspective but to invest in new areas like Africa more and to be more ethical.If they are too bound in "old fashioned" models all the time they will always find it hard to compensate in more shaky times to be able to minimize the losses then.
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The typical scenario in this time is that weak financies in nations like Greece, Spain, Ireland and even Britain make the financial experts worried and we are all wondering how fast U.S will recover.

Therefore some fund companies should look at other possibilities as including affiliate programs for skilled investors who are experienced marketers online.The time is here for development.

Why not?!

Why not combine the best of structures in funds with the potential of the new technology? That´s a thought! Any site is as visible as the traffic to it, remember that.

One thing is for sure.Internet is the technology which changes the most aspects of life around us and it is up to every company both on and offline to keep up with the competition to be as visible as possible.

Keep up the constructive debates on these topics, my friend!

Well, sooner or later the market will go up again but certainly not during these shaky weeks.Here comes the benefit with multiple income streams as the opportunities I am marketing and recommending are doing great!

If you have worked out a strategy, keep up the good work and stick with a winning strategy! 

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