Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you love her....

Many readers of my blog know that I have created a group on Facebook  called Get Your Blog Followers .

Now I am running a business blog and even if the service in the group is a free service, it aims at getting more traffic to your blog.The follower-thing isn´t enough, you need to begin to communicate with your readers when they are commenting on your blog, you need to keep your content up to date and if you are running a business blog you need to make money, that´s it!

You will always meet those who are wondering how they will become better marketers and you can´t give them just a hokus pokus-mantra, you need to show them how they can start to do to achieve better results.

This won´t happen overnight, everything takes time.The number of followers can´t solely be the goal but the traffic, your visitors that come to your blog is part of your goal to make better money, if you are running a business blog.Try to connect with them, try to catch their interest by filling a real need that they have of some kind.This is a key overall to succeed in online marketing, to fill a certain need that people have somewhere.
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Working in this direction will make you unselfish and generous and believe me, character is as important as different techniques and tools you are using.Networkers will find confidence in you if you are the marketer that delivers!

Keep calm, don´t get too upset, hehe.....easy, easy? Well, we all have an amount of temper but control it my friend, control it.
You have to avoid the scams not to be burnt again but to find the opportunities that will work for you.You will learn this by experience but also by recieving good and useful tips from experienced marketers. Get the "eye", the gutfeeling, the knowledge to recognize the trusted admins and trusted opportunities that are the more long term than others.

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