Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The lack of privacy

Viruses are spreading like wildfire in communities today and they will have hard to keep up the popularity with this development.
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How can it be so easily for hackers to get access to accounts in communities today?

Everything is open.

There is no privacy today and everything is open.It´s like open doors for hackers, just to walk in with only little skills on hacking.Viruses are spreading.There are more risks than ever that innocent people are hitted and the most spammers and scammers get away with their dirty tricks.

Don´t blame innocent people when you should make life hard for those hackers instead.I want to stay positive in my blogposts but I can´t keep quite on those issues when there are so little done to deal with the criminals.There are always jealous people on the net who want to destroy for talented marketers.They know that we better can bring traffic to our sites, they know that we are making money but they are evil and jealous, that´s it!

Once I was a member in a network which was practising private internetmail and it could be a situation online where we have to proceed and develop such private, more hackersafe networks and close the doors better for those criminals.There are needs for new communities where they are more aware of those issues than today, that´s for sure! 

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