Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mental muscles

Deliver again.What are you expecting? Well, you should expect quality.

The psychology factor is very important in the internet business.
To take away unnecessary panic or unmotivated fears and worries you need to train your mental muscles.
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Why multiple income streams?

The answer is very clear.If your earnings go down in some parts of what you have in your portfolio chances are that they will go up instead in other parts or programs at that time and that can accomplish some safety.

The psychology factor works.

If your fundshares are down at that time, just focus on the opportunities that are working the best for you and increase your earnings there.Study the market in the meantime and when your shares are on its way up again you  will want to watch them closely and sell at the right time.With this strategy you are minimizing your losses and are making way for the better profit.

The psychology factor in this strategy makes you calm enough to make the right decisions.Repeat it and improve slightly for every day.

Avoid stress.Keep the sustainability in your system and keep on doing what works for you.

I prefer some variation in my selection of the opportunities I am marketing.Why that?

The psychology factor again.It makes it more fun.
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The sun will go up and down again.Do the best of your life.If you yet haven´t done what you really want it´s time to develop your courage and take that step in faith you haven´t the guts to take before.Live the life you want with your family and believe that you can improve your life.You can invest for a better future!   


Vyankatesh said...

Interesting and motivating post!!

Loved the closing section!!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Vyankatesh.

Yeah, that is always the crucial section to get the final touch on it all.