Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Group

My group on Facebook has been hijacked by a criminal hacker.So, to you who wonder who this maniac is, I want to inform you here.

He has deleted me and all the admins from the group.
hackers Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, he thinks that he will get away with this and this is the problem.Too many of those hackers are actually getting away with their criminal activities.Spammers, scammers, swindlers and other crazy people who are sending out viruses are active on a daily basis trying to destroy what innocent users, networkers and marketers are doing online.

If we want more safety online we have to stick together to fight back against those dirty tricks they are using.

Develop an awareness as the internet user you are to make the life harder for the hackers.Be a part of the good people who want internet to be a more safe place than it is today!

The evil ones always thinks that they can destroy the mood for good people but I know that when I am through this I will be even more blessed on the other side.


Bhavna said...

hey mattias, i was wonder where your are...i m on and off from the group...its acting weird just got a message on my blog, i have changed my fb password if it works...and sent a message to that guy too...let me know what i can do

Mattias Kroon said...

If you are innocent in this situation, go off and report him to FB.

Bhavna said...

i have reported the group as well the person concerned to fb by clicking report at the bottom of the page is there anything more I can do ?

S.K.Delph said...

Hi I am new to the problems that everyone has been facing on fb with hackers. So sorry to hear of the damage they have been causing. I am a member of Blogger's Nexus and Authentic Bloggers. Glad to make your acquaintance! =o]
Best S.k.Delph

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi S.K Delphi!

I am glad to get in contact with you.Communities are too open now.The older format was better.There has to be a privacy too.Viruses are spreading far too easily.