Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Weekend´s Featured Blogger

As everyone of my regular readers I am running an interestgroup for bloggers on Facebook  called Get Your Blog Followers.
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So I decided to pick an interesting blogger who is unique.His name is Roy Durham and he is a cowboy with the heart on the right place.His blog is called Roy´s Garage And Sell Auctions

Roy has got the point of recognizing other bloggers to build a network and to share of his own ideas.From time to time he is creating poems so he stays very active and productive.This is what blogging is about whatever you are focusing on.I am meeting a lot of authors when I work with my group and Roy has an interest for book reviews and writing about his interests from the passed.

He has also an engagement against child abuse which many more adults and parents should have as it is a growing problem in the society of today.

So, you will find both entertaining topics on his blog as well as serious issues we all must fight against today.


Roy´s Garage And Sell Auctions!


Roy Durham said...

thank you i am very honored. i just got up and this is a big surprise. thank you Mattias this is a great honor god bless you and all the blogger here on get your blog followers

Mattias Kroon said...

You´re welcome Roy!

You are recognized and I will continue with this weekend´s featured blogger.

Roy Durham said...
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