Saturday, June 4, 2011

You will always need advertising

It can be a challenge for an online marketer like I who wants to add the long term programs to pick a surfer like GlobalSurfPro
but I have yet picked this one as I believe it can be a winner.


Even more commercials?

Of several reasons, let me tell you why.I am in a very good flow right now with my affiliate marketing and this one has a low risk approach to the surf industry.They are offering a 2.9% return on your investment in every plan and that is very reasonable.You are also able to purchase advertising on their site.Everything depends on.

If scammers will take over the market the most programs will fall, but if we can set the ethical standard and always pick those programs with admins who want to keep sustainability and a lower or reasonable risk in business, then the hope is higher.

I like a variation in my portfolio to make it funnier!

We always need advertising, won´t we?

Your success will always depend on the following criteria:

1.Where you get your recommendations to pick the potential winner.
2.Your timing in your purchases and repurchases.
3.Your timing in the number of opportunities you want to have in your portfolio, you should prefer around 4-8 , focus on them and add others when you are in profit in the earlier ones.
4.Keep confusion away be focused and careful all the time!
5.Get in profit in every program and use less than 50% to repurchase from your balance.Always track your earnings carefully!
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Advertising will always be a crucial part of the internet business and as there are stock and fundbrokers there are advertisingbrokers in the surfindustry.You have to treat them that way to be serious with your business.


I got paid again from Ad2Million for the 22:th time! Payments are taking longer but they are worth waiting for, this time I recieved 48 dollars and now I have a pending payment of 185 dollars.Payments are taking longer for one simple reason, the database of members is larger, more payments to handle.As I also have mentioned there are always troublemakers on forums who may not even be members in specific programs but who are there for one dirty reason, namely to destroy for others.Yes, you have to check out if an admin is paying or not, of course.However, make sure you get your facts from the right sources and not from those who are spreading false rumours and lies.Be honest in all the things you are doing! Be a part of disclosing scammers and hackers instead!

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