Sunday, July 24, 2011

The creative way

In times like this one is thankful for every true friend out there who appreciate the life itself and who is sharing their perspectives on life.

We as humans should ask ourselves every day how we can contribute to make a better world to live in.Take a look around you.What kind of needs could you fill in your neighbours lives, how could you in a creative way improve other peoples lives?

The goal to be a better blogger is to stay active and seek ways to catch peoples attention.At the same time you need variation in your content.You need to make it fun and informative at the same time.

Don´t "scream" too loud but don´t be too silent either, you need that magical balance in your writings.Your readers must feel the confidence and how should you build that? By staying honest and deliver relevant facts surrounded with your "touch" on it.Your unique touch on the treatment of your topic will show if you have it or not.
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However, you can develop a "sight" and feeling for what you should treat, believe and not fear when you are blogging.

Blogging is and will always be the tool for the opinions you have.Be a part of making history in your writings!

The most things in life is a matter of good or evil and depends on how you use the gifts you have.Will you use your gifts in a wise way or will you dig down your pound? Let your gifts grow and take care of others in a time like this.Use your gifts to make other people happy!


Jason Ralls said...

Vert true, and nice post :-)

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Jason.

It doesn´t necessarily has to be so very much content always to be a quality post, it is the substance in it which is crucial.