Monday, July 18, 2011

Internet integration and revenues

Do you think that the financial problems only depend on greediness today?
Precision-Paragon [P2] Survey Finds Lighting Retrofit Revenues Expected to Grow in 2011 Pictures, Images and Photos

I don´t think so.I believe they also depend on the difficulties to integrate to the information society we are living in.Politicians have hard to see the potential in the internet business even if it is growing dramatically all the time.Someone said that the history repeats itself.When the industrial revolution had its "breakthrough" there was a resistance at that time but yet everyone saw as the time went by how much influence the new innovations would have.

Compare this to the internet revolution and consider all the angles of this development and you will see why there are so much of revenues shared each and every day over the net.As always the key is to see how other talented marketers are doing and what they are using to be so successful.I myself have found that a blog is an excellent platform to reach not only other business people online but also other bloggers overall.In my world I can´t see any wrongs with this.

Using the internet for educational purposes will become more and more usual amongst teachers who are mature enough to implement the new technology in their classrooms.They should consider this as an option for better education and not as an obstacle to avoid all the time.Distance courses are becoming more and more usual as well.So, the solution for the crisis in this time is also structural, a challenge to implement the latest technology in the infra structure overall.Sure, there are problems with hackers but the growth of real, lucrative opportunities generating better and better profits should be even more considered as real jobs by politicians globally.

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