Saturday, July 16, 2011

The man on the moon

From time to time I am sharing my poetry on this blog and now that moment is here.Acrostic is my favorite form of poetry where you are setting your imagination on spin.
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Reaching the moon

Rolling on with more and more to learn
Evolve what you have and you will proceed
Angels are there and here too
Crystal clear you want it obviously
Hence I am following the stars to reach you
Immense clouds are nearer but more complex
Nevermind, try to do your best
Give and you will reap your blessed harvest

Tell them that they need to listen more carefully
Hovering the earth with your creating finger
Ecclestiastes, you have spoken your wisdom!

Man, you did reach the moon at that time...
Older you get but you have achieved something?
Overture of space with neverending music
Nurture your mind with good feelings.

Enjoy this weekend and be the one you are!


all in one said...

This is a wonderful blog where we are getting more information. Thanks

Rimly said...

That was a very positive poem Mattias. Loved it