Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Tree

It´s the same over and over again.You have to chose to stick to good people online.You simply can´t afford to put your energy in what bad people are doing.

There will always be those who will be jealous towards you if you are a successful marketer online.You haven´t time to sort things out all the time when those are trying to harm you, you have to pick your friends and associates from the good people-perspective and learn from them if they have the experience you need.

We are all different and have different opinions but that isn´t any problem.The problem is when some childish people are trying to be decieving against you and are making all sorts of lies towards you.
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Then you have to make a decision.Do you have time to sort such weird siuations out all the time? Of course you haven´t.Now, we aren´t living in Uthopialand but we have to strive for constructive communication and debates.Forums are good, you should use them in the manner they are meant for.

In a time when my business is doing better than ever I have to stay with friends and business associates who want to keep a good quality in what they are doing.

Building an online business takes time and effort.A tree takes its time to grow up.You don´t see all the branches after only a short time but when the tree matures you can see more of it and eventually you can see a lot of leaves on it.

Keep your imagination in your blogging!


Mary said...

Mattias, I believe to be successful, you need to focus your energy on the positive. Remaining in a negative atmosphere wastes your resources :) Have a great weekend!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Mary.

What can I say? You said it:)

Jason Ralls said...

Well said, very true.