Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trust yourself

We are having a discussion right now in AdlandPro on how to give the best possible recommendations on the best opportunities out there and how to set up such a list.

Should we have an election or should we have some kind of poll around this?
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Who will benefit from this? Is there a possible win-win? Which system is the most fair and which opportunity fills the criteria? There are a lot of questions to answer and they aren´t always so easy to answer.I got a question from one of my referrals why I like surfers so much.Now they aren´t my main opportunities but somewhat lower on that list.However, I want to have them to create a variation on what I am marketing online and truth to be told, you are getting some traffic from them.There are a fair ROI in them and as I mentioned I want a broad variation in my portfolio from investing in fundshares, purchasing positions in a program with info products, ROI from different advertising companies, surfers to offer some free services as well.

I chose the opportunities I am marketing with a real research, listening to reliable associates.

Who do you trust? Trust seems to be the biggest issue online and we have often heard that the admin is the program.This is true and there aren´t any shortcuts to this.

I can´t help comparing with the chessgame.The newbie don´t see the whole picture of the game, has hard to make the correct strategy.He doesn´t have the sufficient fantasy to create the possibilities for winning the game, not enough of patience and the experience isn´t there either.Simply, he needs more training and more sight for the game to be able to win it.When he has get used to the competition he may finally beat the grandmasters.

Experience counts in the online business, don´t think anything else.You won´t achieve it "overnight".

Don´t ever copy what any other blogger is blogging about, have the unique content in your blogposts.There are too many who set their whole trust in using some autotools and are not creating their own unique content.

Don´t you trust yourself? Don´t you think you are able to be a writer? 

Don´t say you can´t cause you can.Feel the trust in what you are creating.


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