Thursday, August 4, 2011

Communication Skills

One of the challenges we have as humans is that we want to please everyone somewhere but in the end we can´t.

Putting the finger at a tender spot in someone´s life could be sensitive and here lies the challenge.How to express in a wisely manner?Problem is that if you are telling the truth and someone is hurt anyway even if you try to be sensitive, then the other person has a problem.
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Is he hiding something or?

Probably.You can feel such peoples need of defending and they become nervous if you get near their fence.Leaders of different kind have various motives but if you want to become a true example for others to learn from you should have a sound habit of examining your own motives from time to time.Are you communicating in a sufficient way to others?
We often hear the defensing argument, "don´t judge others".

Well, if you have the right to express something and you know you still are expressing it in a sensitive manner you should not oppress it.

What I am trying to say here is that it is a question of attitudes and nothing else.How easy it is to reach an audience, readers to your blog if they have a sound attitude wanting to learn more in their life, both on and offline.Of course, you have to check your own habits and attitudes but you are happy with engaged readers.Face the challenge and learn more about relations in your life.Show people around you that you have got time to help them, that you put interest in them and that you simply like them.

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