Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It makes you wonder....

I hope you aren´t blind for what you are doing in your life.I hope you have an awareness that is enough.

The grass is green and a mountain is a mountain.We could walk through mountains and valleys and remember many thing on the way.Do you recognize what is beautiful on your journey through life or do you easily forget the best parts? When you walk through that heavy valley of death you could easily feel to resign but don´t ever give up! When you least expect it you are on your way up again and suddenly you will see all the flourishing and the glimpses from ambers.

Could it be magic, could it be true?

Yes, it is true and it has nothing with hokus pokus to do.It has nothing to do with the magicians spells or nothing like that.It is simply the great creations in nature that makes you wonder.
1208119 Pictures, Images and Photos When you are on your journey through life you will want to see peoples hearts and you want to express your sympathy towards others, especially towards people in need of something in their lives.

Your focus should be around this, to primarily value the best parts in other peoples lives.

Of course, it is easy to get upset on what evil persons are doing against you, but when you meet better persons, try to value them cause they are true reflections of divinity and the balanced nature.

Let the rest of your life be the best parts of your life!


Anna L. Walls said...

Magic is everywhere if you want to see it. This is a great post and an adorable picture.

Mattias Kroon said...

Well, I more believe in God´s creations than magic, we have different views on that but we may mean the same.The miracles are there, in the nature.