Monday, September 26, 2011


I joined a new opportunity today, an advertising program with a slightly different approach.

You have to submit a banner in rotation.To be able to earn the daily ROI you have to click on at least 5 banners a day and you can earn 150 % on every adpack you purchase.You will earn 10 % daily and have the option to withdraw daily.Start with a 10 dollars purchase of an adpack.

It is called BannerMoneyAds

I like variation and this has the potential to have longevity as it has a 60/40 rule when you are making a withdrawal.That is a strategy you should apply in every program if you want growth in your balance.That means that on every withdrawal, you get 60 % sent to your AlertPay or Liberty Reserve account and 40 % go to repurchase.

You have the ability to repurchase from your balance as well.You can add two kind of banners but the one which others will earn on if they are clicking on, is the 468*60 in size.

As I have mentioned earlier when it comes to building up a strategy in your online business you will need multiple income streams.If one opportunity is down or goes bad you have the others left and you should never hold back but build further and strive forward all the time.If you have a banner to your blog you could submit that one as well in this opportunity.

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Never hold back, keep on going forward, even in times like this.Don´t stop investing and purchasing shares or adpacks, have the guts to evolve in what you are doing.

I would think that new expressions in this time will be adbrokers or internet marketer brokers.
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Larry Lewis said...

This post certainly got my attention and interest. I'm a personal development blogger, who has recently stumbled into Network Marketing. To me, the product should be the key. I'm amazed that in so many cases it isn't. Would love to discuss this with you at some stage.

Mattias Kroon said...

I agree Larry and therefore I wrote about that on my latest post and the need of this.I recommend you to read it and we should discuss further on the need of this.Although you should consider your blog as a service to others and if you are promoting that you are promoting a quality service to others.

Your friend,