Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey friend....a rose for you!

How do you express when you are trying to reach others with your message? Are you clear enough? Do you feed the confidence with others?

Trust is an ongoing issue online and you have to build a good reputation to create confidence with others online.
You have to take the time to explain different technical skills that other marketers and bloggers need to learn.
What do you have for kind of attitude towards others? If you never have the time to coach and train your downline, then something is wrong.If you try to recruit someone before you have established a friendship you should change your thoughts on marketing.

FRIENDSHIP Pictures, Images and Photos Strive for as many active referrals as possible and more important, look for the opportunities where you aren´t that dependant of sponsoring.Today there are good, lucrative opportunities where you aren´t forced to sponsor people but still are able to earn a residual income.

As an online marketer I have seen that the blog is the perfect instrument for promoting the opportunities I am an affiliate for.What kind of feeling do you get when you are doing your research on an opportunity? I know, I know......gutfeeling isn´t all and a speculative reasoning about it is definitely a waste of time.Do your research but don´t be too suspicous when you are looking for the successful opportunity.

Just Been Paid will have its restart any day now and I have the link amongst my opportunities there.If you want to join, be aware of some waiting time until you get the message from Frederick Mann that the server change is complete.


You can now log in with your member id on Just Been Paid.They are still working on the rest to be functioning but you can check out your profile.This will be a more secure server for the members.
Don´t worry, they are making progress!


Larry Lewis said...

I love blogging, and that feeling hasn't been changed by either my higher ranking or the fact i now make money. But as you say the one thing i have to protect at all time is my reputation. It has taken along time to build, but could be ruined in seconds.

Mattias Kroon said...

It is a good thing to be careful Larry although we aren´t perfect.If you continue with a honest attitude and with quality you won´t ruin anything.

Shreya Redeemed said...

Well said.. I too love blogging. But passion is a thing that money can't replace.. I believe when we do something involved with passion then it surely yields best results including "happiness" n "reputation".. n that's all we die for.. n reputation is another important ingredient for our happiness.. ain't it??

Mattias Kroon said...


I am running a business blog here and then the point is to make money and get into profit.Business people online can have passion to help other people online and create win-win situations.Thanks for stopping by!