Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letters of imagination

How much does your mood get affected of the weather? And have you analyzed your writings and blogposts during that senses?

Our feelings go up and down but we can learn how to write inspiring and draw attention to our blog.
How to draw this attention then? Do you have to wait until the sun show itself again? No, your inspiration comes from your inner soul and you have to feel the energy from there.

Where do you find your inspiration when you are writing? 

I use my imagination and knowledge knowing that most people don´t want to read too long blogposts.The content is crucial and you have to make it a little entertaining at the same time.Be serious but yet, make it fun as well.
Thoughts can come from a movie you have seen, they can come from a poem, they can come from all the colors in the rainbow.

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1.Say to yourself, you are a talented blogger.
2.Feel the confidence in yourself.
3.Believe in the force of communication.
4.Include interesting images between your lines.

Blogging is a question of training, blogging is the ultimate platform as you can update it often.Of course, you can do that with a website as well, but the blog is a smooth combination, the hybrid of a blog/website at the same time.

Whether it is raining or if the sun is eager to show itself you can bring forth your feelings and imagination from the inside to your letters.

The Tripler is back in action and you can log in if you are a member and purchase positions again.This restart came later than expected but it is better for the programmers to do their work properly without distress.We can expect this program to run for long now after the server change! 
The server change has made a huge difference to the program!


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ProBlogging said...

Very well written mattias.Thoughts can come from anywhere .It can be a movie or our life.