Thursday, September 29, 2011

Productbased Business

In a time when many MLM companies are more aggresive than ever I can tell you, their old models which are depending too much on getting in so many referrals won´t work better in this time than before.It will work only for a few big promoters while the rest will be as dissapointed as ever for lost money again.

Don´t be decieved by the aggressive campaigns they are having, they know how they can manipulate you! I always chose the opportunities where I don´t have to sponsor so many referrals in every program.The crucial thing in the future of online business will be a product based business where you have a clear product you can market to others.Don´t believe there are any "lazy" business where you don´t need to do anything, but on the other side when a company becomes very aggressive on you to promote "like crazy", you should be suspicous.

A good product or service sells itself.We need to see more of information products or other products and not only advertising companies all the time.Because, if not, what are you going to advertise? Another advertising program?
Yourself? Yes, it is a truth in branding yourself but you need some kind of product or service.You can advertise your blog, cause that is a service where you share your tips to others.

Visit Ebay Store Pictures, Images and Photos Downloadable products, forex tips, tips on being a good investor or some kind of course that people may have need of offline and it can´t be for free all the time.We need to see a development of this included.That is, in my point of view, the only way to make those programs in this niche more sustainable.We don´t need to have opportunities with over 20 000 members all the time if every affiliate would be a direct reseller.More of educated resellers would definitely change the world of online opportunities.

We have learnt a lot so far, that is true, but now I believe in a broader development in this niche to make programs more sustainable without the need of "aggressive campaigns".Set up your advertising campaign for the product or service you have but make it in a sound way!

Online Auctions could become even bigger online and an affiliate program is often connected to them.

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