Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Time Business

The old school MLM had its weaknesses, we know that as we were marketing and had to get many referrals to earn anything at all in different programs.
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The psychological benefits with the successful opportunities the latest years are obvious.You don´t have to sponsor in those programs but are able to earn a fair ROI (return on investments) without recruiting.Yet there is a bonus in form of reasonable affiliate commissions, so the recruiter will yet be rewarded in these kind of programs.

Well, is the difference obvious enough? 

Absolutely.The old school MLM often produced a frustrating fruit.Some too eager marketers run away and tried to recruit all their friends, their family and others who maybe weren´t that interested.Therefore it is so important for you to think quality before quantity, otherwise you get loads of passive members in your downline.

Simply expressed, by targeted marketing you get a more real online business.

Target your marketing and try to broaden your perspective.

The old school MLM-perspective was far too narrow and we now see more developed and successful opportunities even if there still are many "cheap" programs to avoid.Always do your careful research!

Strive for returning and satisfied referrals and clients more than a dozen in your downline.
Don´t forget that this is business, so you should market to them and when they have joined, take your responsibility and train them to understand the program you have invited them to.
Today I am earning multiple streams of income on a regular basis as well as earning good profits from my fundshares.

These are the days of The Real Online Business!

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