Friday, September 16, 2011

Targeted Clients

Marketing strategy online, what is that for you? How much experience do you have on this?

In the old school MLM we were taught that you should invite every friend to a certain program but nowadays we know that this strategy won´t work.

Why doesn´t that strategy work?

Every user online isn´t a business man or a business woman.Every user isn´t interested in the programs that you are marketing.You have to be aware of this so you don´t are pushing your marketing too far.It isn´t wrong to talk about your interest on internet marketing but you get more in return of this if you are targeting your marketing online.

marketing strategy Pictures, Images and Photos So, to get the efficient results you have to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Don´t only set up a bunch of banners on a row without further content.If you want to run a business blog, make it various and interesting.Include some graphics and if you get free pictures make sure you are crediting the site where you get your free images.Well, you know that you can´t build a business solely on free services all the time but you need to put in of your own money.Don´t invest too much when you have recently joined an advertising company, for example.Start with 10 or 20 dollars as a start and build it up from there with purchases and repurchases.When you reach profit you can diversify into several other opportunities and use the same strategy there.

If it is a quality service you can trust in the product or service, so the referrals you want to reach with your targeted marketing, see this quality and want to join.

This should make your business unstressed and you can keep the focus on the personal marketing and not only to your lists.And make sure you have interested networkers on your lists.You should have a variety of opportunities and if possible also fundshares in your portfolio.

Efficient marketing online is about reaching the interested clients, the interested people that want and need your products or if you have a coaching service to market.


ProBlogging said...

Its is really important that what you are sharing with what kind of people?

As you said in the post "Every user online isn´t a business man or a business woman.Every user isn´t interested in the programs that you are marketing."

So one should target only those people for their service/product/blog ,who are somewhere connected with that stuff.

Very well written.Most of the users do not worry about it.But its important.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you ProBlogging.

I am very thankful for your inputs as well for your advises.