Monday, September 12, 2011

You need to sell with timing

I believe we will see a new shift in the internet business.We can see a lot of services today and especially a lot of advertising sites.Too many of those are very similar and they should be able to develop what they do and include a more variety of products.

What kind of development am I talking about?

When I am investing in fundshares I know I am investing in something real as gold, for example.There is nothing wrong with services online but when we see enough already of those often with the exact same layout there is a need of more productbased programs that invest in art, antiques or whatever that makes an obvious difference compared to today´s stuck in those trafficsites which are important, but as of today we see enough of them already.

Therefore opportunities where they invest in gold and silver are very successful.The founders of those know that it is of great value to invest in precious metals.Recruiting here won´t ever be a problem, the product sells itself and doesn´t require the brand yourself so much.

I won´t predict all things about future here cause I can´t but I can see a need to a shift in this direction.
Some marketers are saying that we only have to hang on the trends out there and as long as we are promoting as hard as possible, anything sells.

Well, is this the whole truth?

No, cause I know I could promote day and night and sure, I could get in more referrals.Sure, but I also know that targeted marketing is the way to go and when I get my sign ups then it uses to be the active members.I try to help them the best I can.The shift we need to see is the passion about the products and services you are an affiliate for.I don´t believe in affiliate marketing solely to get the money but affiliate marketing where you actually believe in the healthproducts that are sold on the site.This development will actually make you more money!

helicapsule Pictures, Images and Photos As an affiliate you need to sell something, either a clear product like an information product, downloadable music or a supportservice of any kind.To train other marketers to be better at marketing is a service as well.

1.Look for the real product or service on the program.
2.You need to have a passion for that.
3.Check out if the compensation plan is reasonable.
4.Are you able to earn on investment  in the program without sponsoring?
5.The affiliate commissions for the sponsoring should be reasonable, not too high.
6.Do the products fill any kind of need?

Check out this list before you join a new opportunity.

I would like to see more of development on this in the future of online business.


JBP is moving forward! If you are a member of the program you can log in and view the JSS member area and very soon you will be able to purchase positions in the Tripler area as well.Stay tuned!


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