Thursday, October 6, 2011

Imagination, it works wonders...

I always wait for that special idea to blog about when I am blogging.

In a world where the stress and pressure is on from all sides you have to focus on your goals.

What is your goal with your blogging?

To make money or to reach a circle of readers to communicate with? Remember that you need to work towards a specific goal.You should not put too much pressure on yourself, you are not made for that.

I have seen bloggers who need to write a whole book within each post but you don´t necessarily have to do that.

Imagination Pictures, Images and Photos
If you have a series of short stories that is ok but do have in mind that you can say a lot with a few words sometimes.Imagination sets everything on fire, it moves yourself to discover new areas of blogging and new dimensions.

Imagination to discover new areas and ways of marketing, writing articles, using images and much more.

Identification with your readers could bring the new dimension to your writings and make your blogging more alive.What do you think they want to read? Where did you get your highest response? Blog about topics where you have the best knowledge and where you know you are in control of the subject.

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