Monday, October 3, 2011

Strategy Works

I signed up for Ricochet Riches today and it is a long term, advertising program with a clear vision.

As the blog is the service I am primarily promoting I need advertising programs where I can earn a fair ROI at the same time and in this program they have a 2% growth on every ad unit. 

This is a big program, a network which I have seen for a while and now you are asking why I haven´t joined this earlier.I can´t join at day one in every program even if I primarily am trying to follow that strategy cause some programs are more longer lasting than others and here you have a network which has the plan to stay in business for years.So, I started with 20 dollars and got 5000 text ad credits, 5000 banner ad credits, 5000 side banner impressions and 1100 mail credits.

Consider this as the network where you can market your primary business.

I have blogged about the need of a variety of products and services in your portfolio, about the need of multiple streams of income and believe me, you will always need your advertising and why not earn a residual income when you are marketing your blog?
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The blog is for me the ultimate platform for an online business where you not only can blog about your business but you can also from time to time blog about your interests.I am occasionally writing poetry and have studied various forms of that in the past as well.

You need your marketing strategy and your concept to reach your customers online, learn from the experienced marketers.

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