Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are you one step ahead?

Is it possible to find funds which are going strong even in these times of financial struggle for nations and where the market still is pretty insecure?

The answer is yes, and I always use Morningstar to find the funds of quality.

Recently I made a profit of  420 dollars in a fund which invests in information technology.How cool is that? I find it as a win-win to invest in the same sector as where I am an internet marketer.

This is the strong part of multiple income streams or call it diversified portfolio when it comes to funds.

That is the strategy! Don´t put all the eggs in the same basket!

I am sure you have heard that expression before but repetition is for real.If one stream periodically falls chances are that another rises and there you have your profit whilst you wait until the weak stream goes up again.With the right timing then you still could bring in the profit in the weak stream.

This is not all!

Try to do your market analyzis and figure out which funds that are for the future.What are they investing in? Do you believe in that kind of investments? Be the step ahead of others by doing your research.Try to figure out the current and coming area of growth in the financial world and place your money in funds out from that knowledge.

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Believe in the long term perspective.

I am not sending out a newsletter and if you think looks like a newsletter and sounds like that, there is a little truth in that.The strong part of blogging is the space for variation and it can be a combined blog, homepage and a newsletter at the same time and you are lucky if you could promote it with success!

You are always very welcome here and believe in the communication factor! 

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