Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pay It Forward

Whatever you are doing online you need some good ethics and sound guidelines in your mind.

We are constantly evolving our marketing strategies, we are applying different techniques but are we as eager with the ethical standard as we should be? When we hear how the politician are trying to figure out how they should solve the current financial crisis, we also can see the need of a conscience mind to find the wise ways through it all.

We can see different structures, different payment plans in different programs.The more of unselfish thinking in the designs of them, the better.Therefore I prefer The Pay It Forward Vision behind an opportunity overall.Even if it´s not exactly as in the video I am going to share with you later, I prefer programs where the unselfish, win-win situation is as obvious as possible.

Compare it with your body.Even if you have your feet, you need your fingers to direct the right path.Even if you have the mouth, you need your thinking to find the proper food to start eating.

The whole of our body has the uniqe and genious design to make us work in an unity to achieve what we want, to reach our goals.Well, even a deaf person can see and read about a new, lucrative opportunity online and if they start to act thereafter out from their newborned vision, they could become wealthy if they put in the right knowledge, efforts and of course money in that as well.

Did you got hurt in your feelings?

I hope not.

Remember, a working opportunity depends on the unity working together, not only one part of the program or solely the admin but also on us members and affiliates.It also depends on the measure of the ethical thinking within to make all parts working in an unity. 


Lisa said...

Good Job. ;) I shared to my blog. Lisa's Novel

Mattias Kroon said...

I am glad for that, thank you.I am taking part of and am following your blog.